More Monkey Business

This is a follow-up to Monkey See, Monkey Do, an experiment in computer language lucidity which looked at implementations of the eponymous program in English, Groovy, Perl and Java. I have received some contributed monkeys: today we’ll look at Ruby Monkey and Python Monkey. Ruby Monkey Ruby monkey quite arguably ought to have been included

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All My Email On Gmail Deleted?!

As you may know from the sentiments in our “Roundup” video series, I have a healthy dose of skepticism for Google.  And while I have had a Gmail account for a couple of years now, I have only recently begun to use it in earnest.  Despite my discomfort with Google’s unhealthy fixation on my personal

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Google: Ads aren’t evil. We swear.

The OpenDNS blog has this story on Google and Dell teaming up to serve typo based ads even without the Google toolbar installed. This is sweet for Dell and Google, but it is really making typo domainers upset. It is also kind of hijacking the user experience. Is this evil? I kind of think so.